Music Education
Right from the Start

A collaborative, national initiative led by Alberts | The Tony Foundation and driven by our collective belief in the power of music to change lives.

Our Vision

All Australian primary school children need, and have a right to a quality, sequential and ongoing music education.

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Extensive research in the fields of neuroscience and psychology have studied music learning and found that it:

Improves cognitive connectivity and efficiency

Improves learning capacity

Improves social skills and personal wellbeing

Decreases stress and anxiety

Heightened empathy and valuing of diversity

Supports reading and numeracy skills

Improves self-regulation

Increases attention stamina and focus

Boosts academic performance in English, Maths and Science


Music Education: A Sound Investment

In 2019 Alberts philanthropic arm, The Tony Foundation commissioned a research report led by the internationally recognised scholar, researcher and award-winning music educator, Dr Anita Collins on the current status of music education in Australia.

The report highlights that a large number of Australian primary school children have little or no access to music education. Moreover, for those who do, there is significant variation in the quality of the learning they receive.

Dr Collins and her co-authors identify what constitutes quality music education and the issues to be addressed if we are to ensure that all primary students are to have access to the significant benefits it offers.

The final report, Music Education: A Sound Investment is available to download here

An Understanding of Quality School Music Education

This quality ‘explainer’ has been developed both to guide our own efforts and to encourage a common understanding of this critical question in our collaboration with those who share our commitment to music education. While the explainer recognises that music learning can be, and so often is, enjoyed throughout our lives, the focus here is on quality music education in primary schools.

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School boys playing bongo drums
School girls playing bongo drums

Whats’ Next?

The official launch of the Music Education: Right From the Start initiative in Melbourne on Monday 12 September 2022 comes at a time when Australian schools are facing unprecedented challenges. Yet such times give rise to equally significant opportunities. Alberts and our partners are building on an expanding research base to inform sound policy, highlighting what works and what can be done to lift access to quality music education. Over the coming year we will be releasing new research and actively working to support teachers, school leaders and policy-makers in lifting music education in Australia’s primary schools.

We are committed to working with others passionate about music education. If you are interested and want to be involved, please get in touch.


Alberts through our philanthropic arm, The Tony Foundation has supported organisations such as The Song Room, Musica Viva and Australian Children’s Music Foundation to provide a range of music programs in schools. Alberts also co-funded the ABC’s three-part tele-series Don’t Stop the Music which created a national conversation and call to action on music education. Music Education: Right from the Start was born of a realisation from our work and the research that ending the vast inequity of access to music education across Australia is within our reach.

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