The Tony Foundation
Our values in action
©Photo/Image courtesy of A Sound Life
©Photo/Image courtesy of A Sound Life
The Tony
To enable
positive outcomes
through music.


An Albert family initiative since 2012

The Tony Foundation improves the lives of young Australians through music. Established in 2012, we work with pioneers using music in innovative ways to create change. This built on an existing philanthropic spirit within the family business which has supported numerous charitable initiatives throughout its history. The foundation is named in memory of fourth generation Albert family member Anthony (Tony) Alexis Albert, who passed unexpectedly in 2000.

How we help

Our mission is to improve lives through music

We partner with organisations who use music to improve life outcomes for marginalised youth, youth experiencing mental health and well-being challenges and Indigenous youth, by offering grants, loans, advice and networks.

©Photo/Image courtesy of Musica Viva

What makes an impactful partnership

We believe in the ability of music to change lives and seek out organisations who can make that happen. We’re on the lookout for groups who:

  • Have a long-term vision built on passion and are looking for partners to help make it reality
  • Are open to growth, not just capital injections, and welcome our strategic input and guidance
  • Are committed to measuring outcomes, not just outputs, and are willing to work with us to put this in place
  • Can clearly articulate their current needs, and how those align to strategic long-term goals
  • Do things with integrity and are able to meet the standards we demand of ourselves
©Photo/Image courtesy of Musica Viva
©Photo/Image courtesy of Musica Viva

Who we work with

One Vision Productions

MPOWER is Australia’s largest mental health toolkit and online educational resource. This revolutionary platform adapts One Vision Productions’ proven approach to youth engagement for changing learning environments.


Supporting the Generations program: a culturally responsive and consultative initiative using song and storytelling as a vehicle for reconnecting elders a