Alberts Impact Ventures is proud to be backing MGA Thermal in their latest raise led by Main Sequence Ventures. The $8m Series A round also included CP Ventures, New Zealand’s Climate Venture Capital fund and The Melt.  

At Alberts Impact Ventures we’re out to back pioneers who share our vision for a better tomorrow. One of the key pillars of that vision is an environmentally sustainable world, so what better than to back a compelling team, solving the biggest environmental challenge of our time, the transition to a renewable energy future?  

The renewable transition is estimated at a $20T opportunity over the next 30 years with roughly 10% of that figure to be spent on the decoupling of energy production and consumption (storage). And that’s where MGA comes in with a unique thermal storage material, Miscibility Gap Alloys (MGA), capable of storing a huge amount of energy as heat, in a safe and easy to use way that can provide baseload electricity to the grid. Designed as modular bricks, MGA is infinitely scalable, and what’s more, is made from commonly available recycled materials, which can then be recycled again at end of life.  

You can see why we got so excited.  

Naturally, the team is fantastic. Led by Dr Alex Post and world-renowned material scientist Professor Erich Kisi from Newcastle University. Their vision is not just to help transition the world to renewable energy but to do it right here from Australia, creating a new industry and bringing new jobs into the economy.  

We couldn’t be prouder to support them in this critical and impactful work.  

 “MGA are thrilled to be working with Alberts Impact Ventures. We’re bringing a brand-new type of material to the world, which we hope can make renewable energy storage a whole lot easier for on-grid and off-grid electricity generators, users of process heat, and a host of other carbon intensive focuses. We believe we can make global impact by manufacturing our product right here in Australia, and the recent investment from Alberts is helping us make that happen.” – Alex Post, co-founder and CTO of MGA Thermal. 

 They’re already making headway with a recently signed a partnership with Peregrine Technologies 

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