We’re delighted to introduce our newest portfolio company, Pivot Professional Learning.  

Pivot is focused on making a meaningful positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Australia and around the world.  

Black Dog Institute research tells us that 50% of all mental health disorders emerge by age 14 and suicide accounts for 33% of all deaths amongst people aged 15-24. This makes understanding the mental wellbeing of students of the utmost importance to enable early interventions.  

Pivot’s bespoke survey platform is designed to answer the simple but elusive question – what really is going on inside classrooms? It makes gathering robust data on student and teacher wellbeing straightforward, enabling school leaders to make both systemic and individual interventions to drive wellbeing and educational outcomes.  

Of course, when we invest in any company we’re first and foremost investing in people, and that’s here Pivot really stood out. Amanda and her team are truly world class. They impressed us time and again with their deep understanding of the education sector and commitment to evidence-based research to drive student wellbeing outcomes.  

If you’re interested in Pivot and would like to know more, please check them out here 

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