Alberts welcomes the Albanese Government’s timely and inclusive new national cultural policy, Revive, and applauds the long-overdue recognition of artists as essential workers who make a significant contribution, not only to the nation’s economy, but to shaping Australia’s identity.

The Government’s investment in and focus on creativity and belief in the vast benefits of a vibrant culture align with those of Alberts. Our 138-year history, current business focus and philanthropic activities and our vision for the future have all been driven by the belief that creativity is essential for a culturally rich, inclusive, balanced and healthy society.

“The creative industries are an important part of our economy … but it’s also important to lift yourself above the usual economic debate,” the Prime Minister says. “This is about our soul … It is literally through the arts that we build our identity as a nation and a people.”

Launched at the popular live music venue The Esplanade in St Kilda, the policy commits $286 million over the next five years across five key areas, including a significant investment in First Nations artists, contemporary music, writers and support for the regions.

One of the Government’s key measures, the formation of Music Australia – a body that will directly support the development, production and promotion of Australian music – will give the thriving contemporary Australian music industry the backing it deserves.

In particular Alberts commends the creation of the Centre for Arts and Entertainment Workplaces, a body established specifically to address issues around bullying, harassment, safe workplaces and fair pay. It is an appropriate and important response, particularly in light of the recent damning Raising Their Voices report on the local music industry. Alberts was a co-funder of the report and is a staunch believer in the right for equality and a safe and thriving workplace.

The Government’s commitment of $1 million p.a. to music industry charity Support Act and $4.2 million to support access to art and music therapy programs is also to be commended. This financial contribution aligns with Alberts work through the Tony Foundation that aims to improve the lives of young Australians through music.

Alberts is a passionate believer in the right of every primary school child to a quality, sequential and ongoing music education. It is encouraging to see the Government’s continued affirmation of the importance of arts education and its support for specialist in-school arts education programs, acknowledging not only the cognitive and wellbeing benefits but the foundational role education plays in cultivating future creatives and audiences. Alberts believes the Federal Government has a vital role in ensuring equitable access to quality music education in our schools. There remains significant work to be done to give effect to Revive’s aspirations for arts education. Alberts is proud to be leading a collaborative national initiative, Music Education: Right from the Start, working to ensure every child has access to a quality, sequential, ongoing music education in primary school and the profound bene