At Alberts – we believe thriving minds help keep our world vibrant. As such, mental health and wellbeing is critically important. We have embedded this belief into many of our processes and indeed have an impact pillar for investing in this space!

One program we’ve had to support this, is using an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for our staff and board. It’s designed to provide confidential external and free support to employees who are worried or stressed about a work or personal issue and to be a resource available to them when needed.

This year we’ve decided to extend our EAP to all founders in the Alberts Impact Ventures portfolio. Founders are at particular risk of mental health issues due to the often lonely and difficult challenges they face as business leaders. We felt this was a way we could extend our empathy and be founder friendly as a business.

A reminder to everyone reading this to look after yourself throughout the lockdown, to ask R U OK?, to look out for each other as a community and to reach out if you need support.

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