AirRobe makes the fashion industry more sustainable with their unique circular wardrobe – a 1-click solution for re-selling, recycling and renting pre-owned goods. AirRobe enables consumers to invest in ethical and quality clothing, to monetise their past purchases and feel good knowing they are contributing to a more sustainable future whilst enabling brands to seamlessly enter the circular fashion economy. Through matching clothing and textiles to re-use opportunities, AirRobe extends their life and offsets the embodied carbon, waste and water footprints caused by clothing production. By buying one used item instead of a new item, we offset on average: 19 kg of CO2 emissions, 2 kg of textile waste and 95 litres of water. Check out the latest article on the impressive and tenacious founder Hannon Commazetto and AirRobe in the AFR here.

© Image courtesy of AirRobe

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